Campfire under the stars

Jul 18, 2021

We find it a little chilly in the Dry Season (insert all southerners rolling their eyes) and the best way to get toasty is in front of a campfire! So come & join us at our communal campfire where we gather to have a drink & share stories under the big starry night sky of Dundee Beach. Keep an ear out for our campfire cook-ups & bring along your camp oven & best recipe too!  A family favourite is homemade damper cooked in a camp oven over hot coals, hmmmm just thinking about it! Best part is, it’s so easy to knock up. There are loads of damper recipes, often they’re dense but our secret ingredient is a stubby which makes it fluffy and flavoursome!

Dundee Damper
2 cups self-raising flour
Good pinch of salt
1 stubby (375ml) of your favorite ale (can substitute with lemonade)
2 tsp oil

1. Season your camp oven with oil and place on coals to pre heat.
2. Put flour and salt into a bowl & make a well in the middle.
3. Pour 250-300 ml of your beer in with the flour, amount of beer will differ on the flour and the weather. Give it a quick mix and make sure not to over work the dough. Add extra beer or flour if needed.
4. Chuck the dough in your camp oven and score it with a knife if you want to be fancy. Cook for 35-40 minutes, all depends on the heat of the coals.

Damper is complete when it’s golden and sounds hollow when tapped. Make sure you eat it warm! Butter and golden syrup are my favourite toppings!