Booking Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of a booking is acknowledgement and agreement to the Booking Terms & Conditions of Dundee Beach Holiday Park.

DUNDEE BEACH HOLIDAY PARK 20 Dundee Place, Dundee Beach NT 0840


BALANDA RESIDENCE 246 Balanda Drive, Dundee Beach NT 0840

ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS (3) Balanda House; Cabin 1; Cabin 2

FACILITIES common areas include pool, laundry, outdoor bathroom and fire pit

CHECK IN & KEYS Dundee Beach Holiday Park reception

NAMARADA RESIDENCE 945 Namarada Drive, Dundee Beach NT 0840

ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS (2) Namarada Bungalow 1; Namarada Bungalow 2

FACILITIES common areas include BBQ and outdoor tables

CHECK IN & KEYS Dundee Beach Holiday Park reception

REFERENCE ‘Holiday Park’ or ‘Park’ means all accommodation managed by Dundee Beach Holiday Park  

FEES Full payment is required at the time of booking unless a payment schedule has been arranged with reservations staff.  All future bookings require a minimum 20% deposit with full payment required 4 weeks prior to arrival date. All bookings are subject to rate changes until full payment has been received. All fees are paid in advance.

ACCOMMODATION SECURITY BOND – All accommodation reservations must have a valid credit card and a pre-authorisation security bond is required upon check in. This is refundable within 7 days of departure once an inspection has been completed.  Damages, breakages, theft and/or loss is the responsibility of the primary guest.

  • Bungalows – $200.00
  • Balanda Residence (Group bookings for House and Cabins) – $500.00
  • Balanda House – $400.00
  • Balanda Cabins – $150.00

CCTV cameras are in operation throughout the park. In accordance with applicable legislation, we reserve the right to protect our lawful interests and deter security incidents such as theft, vandalism, unruly behaviour, and violence. Any criminal activity will be reported to Police along with the footage.

CHECK IN Powered and Unpowered sites – 11am. Ensuite Sites & Accommodation – 2pm 

LATE ARRIVALS If you are arriving after business hours, please contact reception prior to your arrival to make alternative arrangements. Full payment & the security bond is required for all after hours check-ins.

CHECK OUT Check out is strictly 10am. Late check outs must be confirmed with reception (fees apply). 

KEY RETURN Please return your key to the reception on check out, alternatively place it in the key drop box at the front of the reception office.

SITE NUMBER/ROOM NUMBER Whilst we do our best to accommodate a preferred site or room number, these are not guaranteed.  Management reserves the right to relocate or change the site number and/or accommodation number after booking. 

MINIMUM NIGHTS Minimum nights stays apply on weekends and a minimum booking period applies over special events.

VEHICLE SPEED The safety of our guest is most important. Please drive at a maximum of 10km (walking pace) whilst in the park & always watch for children & pedestrians. All roads within the park are shared by pedestrians and motorists. 

BOOMGATE A boom gate code is created for each vehicle registered to the site or room and is unique to the vehicle’s registration number. Do not give your code to anyone else or it will be removed from the system. CCTV is in operation at the Boom Gate. Do not tailgate!

PARKING Please park your vehicle, motorbike, boat, trailer etc. in designated parking areas only. Parking is not permitted on lawns, gardens, or vacant sites. Parking is at your own risk.

TREES We have many new trees which need to be observed when driving around the Holiday Park.  Please take care when parking and refrain from tying ropes or lines to trees or climbing on trees. Please do not leave your grey water on trees.

VISITORS are welcome between 8am and 8pm but must sign in at Reception before entering the park and must abide by the same rules as everyone else.  Guest/s are responsible for the actions of their visitor/s.  Visitors may not bring any vehicles into the park; parking is available in the public car park. 

WATER We rely on bore water (potable), please be water smart.  In line with water conservation measures the cleaning of equipment such as vehicles, boats, caravans, trailers etc. is only permitted by HAND washing with a bucket. Please refrain from using a hose or Gerni to wash your equipment. This should be completed at an appropriate car wash facility following your departure.  Please do not wash out fish debris from your boat or equipment in the park. Please consider the smell & debris that is left behind.  

REFUSE please bag and wrap your garbage before placing in the provided rubbish bins.  Please recycle where possible.  We are only able to recycle the following products: aluminium cans; glass bottles (but not wine bottles); plastic soft drink bottles & plastic water bottles (lids removed).

SEPTIC TOILETS We are on a septic system. Please ONLY flush toilet paper! NO sanitary products, wipes, paper towels or hair. Please use the bins provided to dispose of these products.

SECURING YOUR SITE/CABIN Whilst Park management do their best to ensure a safe and secure environment, it is highly recommended that guests take the precaution of securing items of value during the day and night. Any monies or other valuables, goods or vehicles that belong to you or your party, remain your responsibility and we are not responsible for their safekeeping. Please ensure to lock your vehicle and remove any valuables.  Lost property will be held by the park for 1 month from departure date, if not collected it will be donated or disposed of.

CLEANING, MAINTENANCE & DAMAGES By entering the park guests agree to leave their accommodation or site and any facilities used in sound, clean and tidy condition.  An additional cleaning cost will be charged to your credit card @ $60 per hour if the property is not left to this standard.  If you notice any damage to the property or something is not working, please contact us within 24 hours of your check in.  All damages, or breakages, to the property of the park are paid for by the guest. We do not accept liability for failure of services or equipment outside our control e.g., weather, power outage, ants etc.

SMOKING is not permitted in or around facilities (this includes all accommodation types, amenities, laundry, BBQs or swimming pool areas). Please be considerate of all guests when deciding to smoke in the park.  If found to have smoked in any of our accommodation a cleaning charge of $500 will be charged to your credit card.

POOL The pool is for the enjoyment of guests only & is open from 7am to 8pm daily. Please be considerate of others and observe Pool Rules.  The supervision of children is important for their safety and to ensure they do not disturb other guests in the pool. 

AMENITY BLOCK The amenities block is for guests use only. You will be provided with an access code at check in. The code is changed routinely, and you will receive a text message when the code is changed.

CHILDREN The Park and its facilities are provided for the enjoyment of you and your children. The supervision of your children is important for their safety and to ensure they do not disturb other people in the park.  Children must be accompanied by an adult when visiting the amenities block or pool.

PETS We are pet friendly in our caravan and camping sites only, and at Managements discretion. Pets are strictly prohibited from all accommodation types and areas. If found to have a pet in any of our accommodation a cleaning charge of $500 will be charged to your credit card.

You are not permitted to bring your pet to the park unless you agree to the guidelines and conditions.  The Pet Owner is required to complete the ‘Pet Owners Agreement Form’ prior to entry to the park.

For health and safety reasons pets are not allowed in any common areas of the park.  This includes the BBQ area, amenities area, pool area, or around any accommodation areas. Pets cannot be left in cars, the back of Utes, boats or tethered to cars. 

BIKES, SCOOTERS, SKATEBOARDS, ROLLER SKATES & ROLLER BLADES Helmets should always be worn and must be ridden with extreme care. Children should be supervised to ensure their safety when undertaking these activities. Management cannot accept responsibility for any injuries incurred through accidents whilst in the park. No bike riding, skating or ball games in or around the amenities block at any time.

QUADS/ATVS/MOTORBIKES Please complete disclaimer & agreement to T&Cs prior to bringing to park.   

SITES A site charge is based on 2 people, with a maximum of 4 adults (extra charges apply) per site & a maximum of 2 cars per site. All vehicles & equipment must be contained within your site. Caravans, camper trailers etc. must park with the drawbar to the road. All persons under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

EXTRA PERSONS The number of guests on a site or in accommodation must not exceed the number declared at the time of booking. Please ensure you check with reception in relation to the number of guests we allow in each accommodation type. Extra person charges apply.

ROOM SERVICING Accommodation and Ensuites are not serviced unless specified or arranged separately with the park. Additional charges apply.

NOISE The enjoyment of our park and its facilities by all guests is important to us. Please assist by being considerate to your neighbours and by restricting noise from radios, televisions, and social gatherings. Noise curfew is 10pm. Unruly behaviour, excessive noise, drunkenness, or offensive language may result in eviction. In the event of eviction all monies will be forfeited. 

GENERATORS We only allow generators in unpowered sites between 8am and 8pm.

CAMPFIRES Having a campfire is a quintessential part of camping, but we need to ensure it is done safely & does not impact fellow campers!

Small, contained fires are permitted on NON-FIRE BAN days and ONLY in SPECIFIED park areas. A communal fire pit is centrally located in the recreation area for all guests to enjoy. Personal campfires are NOT allowed in powered or ensuite sites, or accommodation areas or any other area in the park. 

Personal campfires are only permitted in unpowered sites, and you must have your own raised Brazier or Fire Pit. This means that it must be off the ground and fully contained! It remains the guest responsibility to ensure the grass beneath the fire pit cannot become scorched or burnt!

It is the responsibility of the guest to extinguish and dispose of firewood and coals safely!  We do not allow coals to be disposed of on the ground or under trees in the park.  A fee of $100 will be charged to your credit card to repair any damage caused to any affected area.

The following rules must be adhered to for personal campfires in Unpowered sites:

  1. Positioning – Campfires should be positioned in cleared areas, set up your fire downwind and where there are no overhanging branches, minimal grass, and scrub. Ensure the campfire is a safe distance from tents, vehicles etc. and that camping equipment is stored well away from it – especially flammable items such as gas cylinders and fuel cans.
  2. Starting – Start your campfire using appropriate ignition source and firelighter, paper, and small kindling. Never use any kind of flammable liquids (such as petrol) on a fire to get it started. Ensure the fire stays a controllable size.
  3. Extinguishing – Put your campfire out with water when you have finished with it. Use the water from your washing up or fill a bucket of water to put your campfire out.
  4. Monitoring – Never leave your campfire unattended and ensure children are supervised at all times! Never leave cooking unattended and always secure matches and lighters. Any campfire left unattended for any period of time, particularly overnight, will be extinguished.
  5. Weather & Fire restrictions – ensure you keep updated about the weather and fire restrictions. A fire ban may be declared for either the whole or part of the Territory for a period of up to 24 hours when fire conditions are very dangerous. Bans are announced on local radio and by roadside signs in built-up areas.

FISH & CRAB CLEANING & DISPOSAL Please refrain from cleaning fish/crab etc. in the park. There are facilities at the Boat Ramp specifically for this purpose. This includes the disposal of fish, crabs, prawns’ bait etc.  

COOKING Please refrain from cooking fish, crabs, prawns, or curries in any of our accommodation, there are facilities in the park for this purpose.  It is very difficult to remove the smell from this type of cooking from our accommodation & it can impact the next guests stay. Additional cleaning costs will be charged to your credit card @ $60 per hour.

INTERNET & WIFI please understand that due to our location we do not enjoy the internet services found in the city! Telstra is the only mobile carrier and there is only one Telstra mobile tower to service the Dundee Beach area.

POWER OUTAGES Power outages and surges are not uncommon in the Top End. If power does not automatically restore, Power & Water will try a reset 15 minutes after the outage. In most circumstances this fixes the outage. If power is not restored the generator will be started by authorised staff. This may take up to 1 hour after the initial outage.

ANTS are commonly encountered in households & the great outdoors right across the Top End (in fact Australia). Although native species can sometimes create a problem it is generally the introduced species that are persistent & difficult to control.  Aside from getting into your food, they can also nest in power sockets and chew on electrical wiring. The good news is there are many preventative measures available online that can help minimise the impact of ants during your travels e.g., removing access to food and water; clean up spilled food straight away; bag & wrap refuse and empty bins regularly to name just a few.

PHOTOGRAPHY By entering our Holiday Park, you and your child/children consent to being photographed from time to time using the facilities for the purposes of being included in promotional material of Dundee Beach Holiday Park. 

PARK MANAGERS DISCRETION Park management has the right to direct any park patron (including their guests, visitors, and invitees) to leave the park if the person refuses to comply with Park Rules. In the event of eviction all monies will be forfeited.


ALL cancellations are subject to a $35 administration fee and must be received in writing to

EARLY DEPARTURES & NO SHOWS No refunds are given for unused portions of your booking, including no-shows and early departures or cancellations where you or your party has arrived at the park. A no-show is when you do not check-in on the day of your booking. All monies paid will be forfeited.

CANCELLATIONS DUE TO POOR WEATHER Will ONLY be refunded as set outlined in our cancellation & refund policy below.

CANCELLATIONS DUE TO CYCLONE WARNING OR WATCH Are fully refundable less the $35 administration fee or the full amount can be held as a credit for future bookings (to be used within 12 months). 

BOOKING DATE CHANGE Booking dates can be changed once from the scheduled arrival date (to be used within 12 months) free of charge provided 72 hours’ notice is given. Date changes within 72 hours or any further date change requests incur a $35 administration fee & are subject to forfeiture of the first night’s tariff unless the site/accommodation can be rebooked.

DEPOSITS & PREPAYMENTS Where a deposit or prepayment is to be refunded, a $35 administration fee is charged. Alternatively, the total refund amount may be transferred to a future booking (to be used within 12 months) and no administration fee will apply provided 72 hours’ notice was given. 

TARRIFFS Our tariffs are subject to change without notice. All rate changes will be applied to existing bookings without prior notice unless the booking is paid for in full at the time of booking.

CANCELLATION – HIGH SEASON01 March to 31 October inclusive & Special Events

Cancellations providing more than 21 days’ notice in relation to the scheduled arrival date are refundable, excluding the $35 administration fee.

Cancellations inside 21 days of the scheduled arrival date will result in forfeiture of the first night’s tariff unless the site/accommodation can be rebooked, excluding the $35 administration fee.

CANCELLATION – LOW SEASON – 01 November to 29 February inclusive & excludes Special Events

Cancellations providing more than 72 hours’ notice in relation to the scheduled arrival date are refundable, excluding the $35 administration fee.

Cancellations inside 72 hours of the scheduled arrival date will result in forfeiture of the first night’s tariff unless the site/accommodation can be rebooked, excluding the $35 administration fee.

SPECIAL EVENTS include all long weekends, Easter, Christmas, New Years, school holidays, group bookings, corporate functions/bookings, fishing competitions and local events.

PROMOTIONAL BOOKINGS Subject to availability for new bookings only. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Must quote promo code at time of booking. Please note that blackout dates apply over special events. Offer valid for both online and phone bookings. Discount is based on the standard rate, does not include extra guests. Booking is non-refundable. Full payment is required at the time of booking. Offer may be changed or cancelled at any time without notice.



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