Our Sites Get Snapped Up!

Sep 2, 2022

Dundee Beach Holiday Park is surrounded by beautiful bushland right on the coast, so it’s not uncommon for our guests to spot some local wildlife during their stay. However, we were recently surprised to receive a call from a guest reporting that there was a crocodile in the park!

What the Croc?

Two of our guests were driving back to their caravan after having dinner with friends at around 11pm. They spotted something on the road, and at first the husband thought it was a peacock because of the swaying tail as he walked on the road. They quickly realised it was a croc and called our after hours number.

Our Yardy swiftly responded and was able to confirm that it was in fact a 2.5 metre saltwater crocodile! By then the croc had walked off the road into a caravan site making himself at home on the grass mat at the bottom of their caravan steps!

Wrangling the Croc

The guests inside their caravan had no idea what the commotion outside their van was and came to the door to see. On opening his door, the gathering crowd shouted ‘Croc! Stay inside!’ and with disbelief he slammed the door closed! They then watched from the safety of their caravan window as a plan was hatched to wrangle the croc! Luckily, we were able to call on a local fishing guide who was staying in the park & has experience handling crocs.

It took some croc wrangling but he was safely secured & placed into the back of the work Ute ready for the Rangers to pick him up in the morning. Even though this is an uncommon occurrence it’s a timely reminder to be CrocWise while in the Top end!

Be CrocWise – Stick to the Pool!

Remember, it is never 100% safe to enter the water, stick to swimming in our pool! Your personal safety is your responsibility, please be CrocWise. Be aware of your surroundings & if you see a crocodile stay well away from it, and if you spot any dangerous or injured wildlife, please report it to one of our friendly staff!