Mozzie & Midge management

Jun 21, 2021

Hmmm what sucks about the NT… hard to think since we live in tropical paradise! Ok yes, the heat and humidity in the wet is not for everyone… Arrh yes or the mosquitos and sandflies! But if you live near water I’m sure you’ve experienced these blood suckers! Often call sandflies, but are in fact a Mangrove Biting Midges (trust me, many other words are used as well 😉). They are very hard to see and are great at getting through fly screens. They are most prevalent 3 days either side of the full moon and, to a slightly lesser extent, 3 days either side of the new moon but they are commonly felt throughout the months April to July, with the highest numbers occurring August to December. How do you prevent them you ask? Lighting a couple of citronella candles or mosquito coils work reasonably well and cover up with protective clothing at peak times especially at dawn and dusk. Repellent spray is most common, make sure you use DEET repellent (15-20%) to exposed skin focus on areas such as your ankles, neck and scalp. Us locals don’t leave home without our Thermacell! What’s that you ask? It’s a device that emits a repellent and keeps Mozzies & Midges at bay, and yes it works! When travelling in the Top End download the Top End Health Service Biting Midge & Salt Marsh Mosquito pest calendar for peak times.