Turtle Migration

Aug 18, 2021

Have you seen a turtle nesting site before? Bare Sand Island just 60km southwest from Darwin is a regular nesting spot for the Top End turtles. They nest all year round but mostly between May and October, June and July are the peak of the season when dozens of giant turtles come ashore. Later in the season an outburst of baby turtle hatchlings break free from their warm and cozy homes as they make a race towards the water. Fortunately, Dundee Beach is also home to a large population of turtles and its always a treasure seeing the circle of life right here at our doorstep! So, we don’t have a negative impact on the land and preserve our pristine beaches please ensure if you take your vehicle off-road that you drive below the high tide water mark or at least 20 meters from the base of the dunes from where nests are most likely to be found.